The difference between a gardener and a landscaper on the Mornington Peninsula

Are you in the market for a gardener or a landscaper on the Mornington Peninsula? Many people are not sure which they actually need and the terminology can be quite confusing as well.

For example, you usually see ads in the local paper for experts in garden landscaping and for landscape gardeners on the Mornington Peninsula. Mixing up the words like this makes it even more confusing, so let’s take a look at the differences between a gardener and a landscaper, so you won’t be confused anymore.

What services do gardeners provide on the Mornington Peninsula?

A gardener focuses on the plantings in your garden. They may or may not have any formal qualifications, such as a certificate or degree in horticulture, but regardless of their formal education, they can design, plant and maintain your gardens.

Many gardeners have a good eye for design and can create a beautiful colourful garden for you, but for a whole garden design that includes anything other than plants, you need a landscaper on the Mornington Peninsula.

What services do landscapers provide on the Mornington Peninsula?

A landscaper who provides garden landscaping will have as much knowledge as a gardener and will be able to select the most suitable plants for your garden to suit your design and your requirements.

On top of that however, landscapers can also design and build your entire garden, including retaining walls, pergolas, walking paths, irrigation, fencing, decks, turf, outdoor seating, fire pits and water features. A landscaper may have formal qualifications in construction, landscaping and horticulture, but as with gardeners, there is no requirement for formal qualifications.

For garden landscape construction work however, a landscaper will need to be registered as a builder, so it always pays to check that they have a building license.

Which is best for you – a gardener or a landscaper in the Mornington Peninsula?

If you just want your garden replanted and need help selecting the most suitable plants for your climate, your aspect, budget or other requirements, then a gardener is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want more help, then you need to be looking at a landscaper in the Mornington Peninsula. For example, if you want a new garden designed for your newly built home or a complete redesign of your existing garden that goes beyond plantings, then you need a landscaper.

For more information on our garden landscaping services in the Mornington Peninsula, contact Paul McQuillan on 03 5988 5196, 0400 727 257, email Paul at or complete our online enquiry form.

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